Obstetrics & Gynecology

our commitment is to provide compassionate, comprehensive and contemporary high-quality care for today’s woman. Our experienced group of physician specialists, nurse practitioners, and midwives are dedicated to enhancing the quality of women’s health through every stage of life with a full suite of obstetric and gynecological services.

We’re committed to patients first, which is why we offer more choices for your care.

under the supervision of Dr. Sondos Al Saleh

Follow up for Pregnancy

Follow up of a High-risk Pregnancy.

Primary & Recurrent cesarean sections

Diagnostic Laparoscopic Operations.

Laparoscopic and hysteroscopy.

Treatment of Ovarian Cyst.

Treatment of Delayed Pregnancy

Treatment of irregularity of Menstruation.

Treatment of recurrent abortions.

Ovarian cysts eradication operations

The consultations fees are different between the clinics, the services price is taking after the consultation visit and there are some seasonal offers and discounts.